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A Leading Bhagwat Kathakar in vedic Shastras Late Pujya Shri Ramanlal Jyestaram Shastri.

Brief Resume

Date of Birth: Vikram Samvat 1966 , Shravan sudi 15 (Raksha Bandhan).
By Caste: Malviya Shrigaud Brahman.
Golokwas (Demise): Vikram Samvat Magshar Vadi 1, Date 31.12.2000.

Grandfather: A High Ranking Sanskrit savant & Bhagwat Kathakar late revered Shri Harijivan Harikrishna Shastri.

Father: Mahamahopadeshak , Sanskritwani Suddhawait Bhushan Bhagwat Kathakar late revered shri Jyestaram Harijivan Shastri

Mother: Late Shrimati Prasannaba and late Shrimati Kamalaba .

Childhood of Shastriji: As per this slogan, right from childhood Shastriji got full advantage of his father’s deep knowledge of shastras. What he learned at home was developed further with substantial help from his mother who taught him shloks in a homely atmosphere. During his father’s stay in Patan and Umreth he learned much from his father. However, he used to go to nearby town of Nadiad to study sectarian scriptures from well known scholar Pandit Harishankar Omkarji Shastriji. From time to time he used to come to Vadodara and would learn religious scriptures and rituals from Pandits like Shri Ramannath Shastriji and Pandit Panchanam and shri Badrinath Shastriji.

Brahma Sambandha :Goswami 108 Shri Vallabhlalji Maharjshri(Kamvan).

Education:Shastriji got his education in different towns like Patan, Umreth, Nadiad, Vadodara,. Besides these, there was Petlad. In Petlad there were three main schools: Naraayan Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya , Rajkiya Sanskrit Pathshala and Shuddhdwait Pathshala. The principals of all three were not only scholars, but also friends. On the first one shri Amrutlal Manishankar Shastriji ; while of the third , was Shri Jyestaram Shastriji. All three were tops in their respective fields of studies. Shri Amrutlalji was a scholar of gramer , Vedant and Sanskrit literature. Shri Manishankarji was a pandit of religious seriputers. And Shri Jyestaramji’s scholarship covered subjects like Bhagwat Puranas, Pushti Margiya Vedant Grammer, Astrology and Literature. In Petlad under these scholars of very high caliber Shri Ramanlal Shastriji aquired intrinsic knowledge in subjects like grammer , literature, astrology, Pushti Margiya scriptures , rituals etc.

During his studies Shastriji had among his co-students who later made their amrk as scholars. They were Shri Vishnudev Pandit, Shri Krushnashankar shastri, Shri Sitaram Shastri Shri Gaurinath shukla,Shri premshankar Shastri,Shri Shambhuprasad Shastri. In the company of such scholars there were remarkable progress. In petlad they set up an education committee whose president was Shri Vishnubhai Shastri. There discussions and discourses were held , but it was compulsory that all talk had to be in Sanskrit only. Shri Ramanlal Shastri would deliver a speech in fluent Sanskrit on any of his chosen subjects. Even during his student days he had started earninh prizes and awards in sanskri.

Degrees: All During his careers Shastriji won eight honours, four gold medals ,five silver medals,twenty one certificates of merits and many congratulatory messages from home and abroad. The titles he has earned are “ Vedant Vachaspati”, “ShuddhadwaitRatna”’ Vyakhyanbhushan”, “Sahityabhushan” ‘ “Vyakhyan Vishard” ‘ “ Sahityamani” , “ Jyotirbhushan” , “Kavya Visharad” , etc.

Marrige: He was married to Smt. Jashodaben , the daughter of Shri Motilal Rajaram Purohit of Kanakpur. She managed her home efficiency and peacefully.

Profession: In Manu Smruti six duties are assigned to a Brahman teachin is one of them. It is said “ “ !
Teaching is thus given high domain in society. This Brahman family has accepted it as their motto and served student community for generatins.

In those days Pushti Margiya Pathsahala had its own significance and Vaishnavas used to join these institutes to study sectarian scriptures. At dabhoi revered Shastriji offered his services for long. Having been requested by the management of Dabhoi’s Pushti Margiya Pathshala, he joined it in 1934. His age was then just twenty four. Due to his simple lifestyle and deep knowledge he won love and respect from all and sundry. A large number of students studied the scriptures of Pushti Marg under him. It was under his guidance that students appeared in tests conducted by Kankroli Vidya Vibhag and Shri Balkrishna Suddhadwait Mahasabha of Surat and got through the examinations honourably.

The Acharya ,Swamiji Shri 1008 Shri Narayaracharyaji Maharaj Shri Of Dharmachakrodaya Nath -Balaji Mandir was so impressed by the teaching style of revered Shastriji at Dabhoi’s Pushti Margiya Pathshala that he asked Shri Shastriji to start a session of Shri Geeta Pathshala in Balaji Mandir. There it functioned between 8:00 PM And 9:15 PM daily and its advantage was taken by around seven hundered students. One of the features of both Pathshala was that Shastriji used to invite many scholars, acharys and literary pundits and they came and shared their vast knowledge with students and other members of the society.

The services Shastriji Rendered in Dabhoi were duly recognized by the Vaishnav society and also citizens of the town at a large. A grand function was arranged to honour him and Gujarat’s poet of the day, Kavi Shri Nanhalal , was specially invited as the chief guest. Before a large gathering revered Shastriji was honoured with the titleof “ Adarsh Adyapak ” ( the ideal teacher) and a gold medal was also awarded to him.

Umreth: It was 1942 That Shastriji returned to his native place, Umreth. During all these years his teaching activity had gone on and so Bagwat Saptah , as well. In that very year 1942 , on the auspicious day of Shri Ram Navmi under the direction of NityalilasthPujya Shri Goswami 108 Shri govindlalji Maharajshri (Kamvan) was started aPushti Margiya Pathshala. Reverred Shastriji was appointed its principal. He served there from 1942 to 1950. He stayed in Umreth upto 1952. All during his stay In Umreth and Dabhoi Shastriji established himself as a narrator of religious tale/ Bhagwat Kathakar.

Jounalist: Jounalism was a hobby for him.It was one vehichle with the help of which one’s own ideals and beliefs could be communicated to public. For about ten years he srved as accredited correspondent of some frontline publications of Gujrat ,such as Sandesh, Gujrat Samachar, Jansatta,Loksatta, ets. Many leading journalists of the day were close friends of his. But he never took disadvantage of his acquaintance with press people.

Public Service: He was associated with a number of social and religious organizations. In many cases he was invited to join. Noteworthy among them were:
– As Teacher : Pushti Margiya Pathshala , Dabhoi(1934-1940)
– Secretary : Bhakta Kavi Shri Dayaram Smarak Samiti –Dabhoi.
– President: Shri Dayaram Sahitya Sabha-Dabhoi.
– As Teacher: Shri Gita Pathshala, Dharmachkrodya Nath- Dabhoi.
– All India Propagation Secretary: Vaishnav Parishad- Mumbai(1940-1942)
– As Teacher: Pushti Margiya Pathshala-Umreth (1942-1950).
– Secretary:Gram Seva Samaj – Umreth.
– As Teacher: Shri Gita Pathshala Shri Laxminarayan Mandir- Kandivli- Mumbai.
– As Teacher: Shri Bhagwad Dharm Pathshala, Madhav Baug , Gita Hall (1952-1953)
– Managing Trustee: SamajSeva ,Sanskar Kendra-Umreth.
– President: Balvikas Parivar-Gujrat.
– Trustee: Swaddhyaya Seva Trust-Umreth.
– Managing Trustee: Shastri Gaushala , Champarnya-Umreth.
– President: Sanskrut Vidvat Sabha-Umreth.


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