भागवत Katha

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भागवत Katha

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What is Bhagwat Katha?

सदा सेव्या सदा सेव्या श्रीमद् भागवती कथा |
यस्याः श्रवणमात्रेण हरिः चित्तं समाश्रयेत् ||
Always be engaged & devoted in listening to Shrimad Bhagwat Katha also known as Lord’s Bhagwat Katha.
By mere listening of the Katha, Lord shall reside permanently in your conciousness.

The Kathakar’s (Shastri Family)

Jyestharam Shastri
(12th Generation)
Born On : 23rd October 1884
Died On : 3rd March 1961
Ramanlal Shastri
(13th Generation)
Born On : 19th August 1910
Died On : 31st December 2001
Niranjan Shastri
(14th Generation)
Born On : 14th November 1936
Died On : 22nd November 2011

Krushnadutt Shastri

(15th Generation – Bhagwat Kathakar)

Born On : 6th December 1968

Aditya Shastri

(16th Generation – Bhagwat Kathakar)

Born On : 27th May 1995

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